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Life is Strange

Max and Chloe

I'm really enjoying this game. I'm already at the second episode hopefully I could finish this until the 4th and 5th episode which will come out soon. :D

Curlz MT

Needed to update this blog quickly also I need to practice some more especially in drawing curly hairs which would be more or less my focus now. Well anyway better get back to drawing and hopefully update this more. Ciao! 



Red Head Guy
A first for a series of elemental portraits of people I'll be making everyday for a week. I have been lazing off that I actually have to do this to loosen up myself and stop procrastinating. For this day, actually I drew this a week ago and I've just decided now to go on with it, is a portrait of a ginger guy, I think, I have a fetish for gingers doesn't matter what gender I just love them, I even dreamed of marrying one or at least have a relationship with one someday, that's sort of weird, but placing that aside hopefully this project would help me out to get out of this rut and draw more. good luck to me!! 


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