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Yo! The names Mark (MC) Lund and this will serve as my personal blog to post my works which I hopefully would be doing frequently, why? well I know who ever will read this wouldn't really care but whatever, still I'm doing this to help myself keep up and be motivated to practice and improve my skills. For you see someday I want to be recognized as a great artist big dream, right? but I know someday I'll get there I just have to keep going at it, I suppose, so until then I will just have to settle with my mediocrity and hopefully some light from the heavens will fall on me and get me to where I want to go. lol

Oh yeah on the picture that guy looks nothing like me well for one reason, I'm black and obviously doesn't have green straight hair but I do have red hair, dyed of course XD.  well who is that you ask then? well that well be the character I'm hoping to someday make a book of, his name is Emzee, he's pretty much my avatar since I was a teen and until I get to where I'm going, he will be just that.

This first post is getting too long so I'll end it here... until then... :P

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