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Panic Manic

I'm so glad I created this blog which is like my personal journal or something lol

well this few days, I'm still really sad that day by day I'm still unemployed I know it's only been a month since I graduated but the fact that most if not all of my peers are working now makes me feel even more worthless. I know I can do good and someday I want to be a renowned artist, I want people to know my works but I know that only hard work well get me there. I want to be employed at a company that i could make use of my graphic and designing skills but alas my country lacks this I just hope and I really do pray to God that hopefully soon a company well call me and ask for an interview, I've tried to go to company after company and if they would even allow me I'm willing to be work as hard as I can, it's my passion after all... putting that aside I think I'll dye my hair a new color rusty brown is kinda getting old... :P

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