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Space Girl

Color  Scheme 1

Did this for a T-shirt design contest I have joined recently, I made 2 designs but I favored this design more, the colors in this seems a bit too poppy for my taste though but it's in the rules to use only a maximum of 6 colors and neon colors are considered as 2 so I'm sort of stuck with this.

Color Scheme 2

To compensate I've decided to create another color scheme of the design this time with my favorite color, cyan blue paired with neon orange, this colors looks 100x better to me now so I could honestly say I like how it all turned out. This was also my first t-shirt design that I officially finished, cause in the past designing shirt didn't really excite me so every time someone ask me to create a design I just shrug or ignore it completely. In the future I might do more designs like this cause it's actually quite fun...

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