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Time Management Blues

So yeah, the month of July is coming to a close and I haven't posted that much on my blog not like there's anyone reading this but still I will still write just because I can, LOL, anyway I will try to summarize what happened to me this month. Firstly, I finally got a JOB!! which was awesome, I'm not a couch potato anymore so this was actually great news for me, mostly for my parents though. The place where I'm currently working isn't exactly what you call a real company, in-fact most of the people that knows me asks me where I work and I say the name but it just won't ring a bell to them, but even though it's small, I'm already really thankful, I get to do what I know and get paid for it though I still wish to do more freelance stuff just because I'm so used to it also I just like being able to be my own man without being under anyone, no boss, no master whatsoever. This brings me to the next thing that happened this month, I feel in-love! nah just kidding I don't do those kind of mushy stuff, I don't really think love would be something I would be talking about  mostly because I have no experience with relationship whatsoever like nothing, I guess I'm just scared of rejections, at least my heart would never break and I don't have to go through all the drama and frankly I'm happy like this even if I will be alone for the rest of my life as long as I could do something great for me to be remembered by for decades and centuries even without a significant other that would be beyond awesome for me. I guess not much happened this month, now that I have work, I'm already planning on creating and building my own desktop for I don't really own one, I do have a laptop though but it's already four years old and I want a much much better computer to do graphic designing in, I want to try my hands in 3D and graphic motions more since previously I wasn't able to study it further due to lack of resources but hopefully soon I will have the money to buy what I need. This month was quite busy for me mostly because I'm working now so that means less time to do personal projects but still I will try, I still have lot to learn and draw so I really need a proper allocation of my time to do this, which is the thing that makes me sad, hopefully I can fix this soon, well until next time...

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