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Anatomy study

 The Human body has fascinated me before but it was only when I was in my 2nd year of college did I finally realize that I wanted to study it further and from that I've started to draw the human anatomy, at first it was really difficult because I'm used to drawing anime and cartoons so realism wasn't really my strong point in fact it was my weakest....

due to increasing my fascination I've decided to study one of the weakest and my most difficult to learn, drawing hands, to most artist the human hands is the one if not the most difficult to do mostly because it is used in so many ways also like the human face it shows emotion and expressions making it the more crucial to do properly if one wants their art to be understood by their viewers.

From drawing hands I've moved on to drawing the human skeletal system to have an even differ understanding of the human anatomy, I've burrowed my older brothers medical books, he is a licensed nurse if you should know, and from that I've checked and tried to memorize all of the names of the bones found in the human body and frankly this have proven to be one of the most grueling thing I did, it's like I'm in high-school again trying to memorize the entire table of elements all over again, I hated that with a passion mostly because of the added equation and shit ack!!. lol

 So I'm still here a few years later still learning and using the knowledge I have acquired from my self studies and using it to render some wicked and sort of weird artwork, because of my increase knowledge of the anatomy, I felt like I could express my ideas more and my difficulty in drawing the human body has greatly decrease.

So to end this I could say that trying to study the human anatomy is not only a fun thing but as an artist it's a really great asset especially if you want to be a serious and professional artist.

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