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Studies 2

Fig. 1
Just another human study I was working on previously. On the first image [Fig. 1],  is a series of different angles of a single subject, I still can't quite get the low angle right that's why I always keep on taking extra focus when I'm doing it.

Fig. 2
The next image, Fig. 2, I'm working on rendering different styles of hair, previously I only drew straight hair but nowadays I like rendering hair close to my own hair texture, curly or kinky, I guess it just feels more like placing my own personality on my drawings this way and also it gives more life to the drawing, don't you think?

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

The last two drawings are more of a conceptualized idea while I'm still practicing drawing hands and muscles. Still have a lot to learn and study but it always helps to keep track of it once in a while.

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