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Reasons Comparisons

Why should my truth be any less than yours?

A thought that has been pondering me for quite a while now. What I see is true will never be what others see and vice-versa. I don't want to push my ideals into others for the very same reason I don't want others to shove their ideals into me. I know I am still dumb, still searching, still trying to figure out where I fit and who I am, but aren't we all searching? This idea is really cliche to be honest, but it is what it is. Open mindedness has always been my best feature as a human being, this being true has placed me in a really awkward position especially since I am in a country that has yet seen the light of the modern day 21st century life. I approve of all forms of love to be honest but I keep this to myself out of fear, judgement from others especially with some of my friends. Sometimes I, even as an open minded person, am still very much conflicted, my catholic upbringing binds me to the truth that I have ones believed in making me question the ideals that I follow now. Comparing my reasons, I will put this aside for now and hopefully soon I'll get my answers...

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