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Merry Christmas!!!

Main Character from one of my fave show

December 25, 2014, So today is the day of the supposedly birth of Jesus which of course I believe just like the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and old saint nick himself, NOT!! I for one do believe in Jesus and I will not be denying that. His teaching of loving one another despite the difference we have and to never judge another or speak wrongly of them just because of what wrong they may or may not have done to us is quite amiable, that's one of the things I like about the idea of him, his existence is a constant subject of argument between theist and atheist and I fall somewhere between the lines of believing probably due to my Christian upbringing and I just like the idea that there's someone up there looking after us, all 7 Billion plus humans all wishing and hoping for different things, if he is real I have no Idea how he is able to manage all of that, I mean seriously humans are such a waste of time but still He loves and listens to us? Well maybe I do believe that not all of mankind is bad there are genuinely good people that I have meet in the past, the very same people who brought me up to the idea of his existence. I wish I could be more loyal in my belief though but I'm not going to elaborate further into that. Let us go back about Christmas yeah I still don't think it's the birth of Jesus, as far as i know about this is that Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday how it came to being associated to a child's birth baffles me and whoever believes this baffles me even further but who am I to judge, humans can believe what they want to believe. I thought I was going to write something long here but I just lost my train of thought so I think I'll end it here. Happy Holidays!!! 

P.S. The image of Veronica Mars from the series I used to watch with the same name has no particular connection to my babbling I just posted it cause will I was drawing that while I was musing about Christmas... Weird...

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