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2015 Baby!


Yo! It's been a while, it's already February and I know it's really late but it's 2015 now and this would be my first digital art practice for the year. For this year I've made a list of what I hope to accomplish with my artwork and myself.

1. Finish at-least a few chapters of the Rivals Novel Illustrations during the weekends.

2. Do more freehand human studies.

3. Do more freehand landscapes and cityscapes studies.

4. Go on a diet and do some exercises even just during the weekends.

5. Try to create a short motion graphic animation using AE and cinema 4D.

6. Improve knowledge in 3D modeling and rendering, create more studies.

7. Gain more knowledge in web designing and programming. [Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML]

8. Improve drawing technique, practice, practice, practice!!

9. Draw more black characters, #Blacklivesmatter #NoH8

10. Learn a new medium in drawing and painting.

11. Create own story for conceptualization of original web comic series.

12. Try to be more outgoing and friendly. 

13. Learn to look at the brighter side of things. Reduce pessimistic thoughts.

14. Save money for motorbike, PC Upgrades and new wireless drawing tablet.

15. Learn to manage stress better and focus on goals.

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